Artist Statement


     I am a Mystic. I believe in the transcendental connection that ties all living things together on this earth. Nature has inspired artists from all over the world for centuries. The magnificence and beauty of the world we live in makes us wonder about our creation and the meaning of it all. While many artists aim to capture the physical reality of the world they see, my goal as an artist is to paint what is underneath the surface of reality. There is a spirit in nature, which flows through all living things. My aim is to portray this essence that is inherent throughout our world.

I strive to create art that is alive, vivid, and bursting with energy. I am an instinctual artist and I express my vision through colors and patterns. Just as many indigenous artists discovered, certain combinations of colors, patterns, and forms can unlock states of higher consciousness. I believe that art when made in a climate of positivity, tranquility, and love has the potential to heal the viewer and act as a medicine for the soul. I like to explore energy in various forms and subject matters ranging from landscapes to abstract pieces.

Much of the symbolism in my work stems from my studies of ancient mystical traditions such as the kabbalah or shamanism. My artistic influences range from art of indigenous cultures such as Native American tribal art or Tibetan mandalas to more famous artists such as Picasso and Dubuffet. I also feel deeply connected to the modern day visionary movement led by Alex Grey. I appreciate all artwork that is visually stimulating and animated while communicating the spirituality of humanity.